Grace misunderstood

  Abuse doesn’t always get grace from its prey.   Sure, an abuser can be forgiven but they don’t deserve a second chance to reabuse. When a person takes advantage of you, lies to you, lies to others about you and only wants you in their corner when it serves them, have enough grace for yourself to … More Grace misunderstood

Unintended Journey

She walked through the door, her hair was tousled and windblown.  Her face was radiant yet broken. Her eyes met mine, and I knew we were kindred in Spirit. Her story she had yet to tell, I only had but a few headlines.  An introduction made through a text from a friend. I ask her … More Unintended Journey

Grace For Momma

  When I was a little girl, I remember watching you put your makeup on in the mirror.  I knew when I grew up, I wanted to be as pretty as you were.  I could sit with you for hours whether you were sunbathing, watching television, putting a jigsaw puzzle together, or dancing in front … More Grace For Momma

Grace For a Playboy

My friend Craig Gross of XXXchurch wrote an article this morning that got recirculated by Relevant Magazine.  Naturally, I was surfing through the comments in different places on the web.  One comment struck me and I suppose was the catalyst for what you are about to read.  The commenter said ” Hugh Hefner is the … More Grace For a Playboy

The Be list

Many of us have become a byproduct of a culture that typically wants what someone else has. Comparing ourselves to our neighbors or even people we don’t even know.  Coveting what is theirs and wishing it for ourselves. I know for myself (who just turned 50) with two failed marriages and a heart that still … More The Be list

Unmet Expectations

I recently read a blog that said the number one cause of divorce was unmet expectations. That led me to reflect on relationships in general. I think unmet expectations in any relationship can cause discord and or disappointment. The problem, whether it be marriage or relationships of any kind is usually our communication style. Do … More Unmet Expectations

Belaboring Confession

  If we could only extend the same grace to ourselves as we do others, we’d be in much better condition to journey the rough terrain of life. I’ve walked with Jesus, and I mean truly walked with Jesus through some pretty intense s#!t.  I’ve also walked with others trying to walk with Jesus through some … More Belaboring Confession